APRIL 17/18/19

Took off sick as a dog couple days, 24hr bug.  Also wanted to just rest shoulder.

April 20th

Echo Bike. Only did 3min.  Just getting back from being sick. 

Forgot to do mobility????

Rack Pulls (conventional and off 2 small mats). Work up to single. 135,225,315,405,495, 545, 600lbs

Leg curl (standing) 1/2/3/4/5/6plates

Bulgarian Split squat 3x5 BW, 18lbs, 30lbs

Crunch Machine.  4x15 20lbs

April 21st


Black widow floor press. 5x3. 135,185,225,275,315,355lbs (343 actual)

Pull-ups.  4x5. Assist, take little off each set.

BW x5

Band pull aparts.  4x20

April 22nd

Neck 95lbs x 15

White curl machine 3x6. Worked up to 8plate

AbCoaster 4x20 BW

Had a rough 24hr bug super sick had to go to ER to get IV’s and checked for strep. Took a couple days to recover and get back to normal.

Got some stuff in later in the week was ok lifts.

For the groups we smashed accessories but only went up to singles on the main lift around 85%.

Testing everyone next week.