Training this weekend was all f*ckered up when Odin decided to get his adorable ass sick. 

It started Friday night. He woke up around 1 AM, puke his little guts out. After Shannon and I cleaned him up and got him back in bed we slept until 8 AM.

All seemed well, he pounded 2 eggs in about 3 mins. But, and hour later when we were all getting ready to go to the gym, he let me see those eggs again.

I stayed home to clean up ans sent Shannon to the gym. I made up that session today.

Geared squats by myself.

I have been spending a lot of time with the Compression Floss Bands. For anyone that knows me this is odd. I hate warming up. I still operate with the Westside mentality of warm up under the bar. Adding these bands has added a ton of time to my non existent warm up. Today I had a jacked up shoulder and as always jacked up knees.

For the Shoulder I started by wrapping hard distal to the elbow joint and preformed some squats to get the motion that I wanted in the joint. After that I moved to my knees. For the right (less banged up knee) I wrapped tight distal to the knee and preformed some squats with the bar. After 5 reps I hung out in the bottom of the squat and moved side to side and shifted my forward and back. The works great for relieving pain for a short time in my knee. The left one was pretty much the same, with the exception of wrapping proximal  to the knee. I find this helps the swelling I have better. Not sure how though..

band use ryan williams 072814

Looks like this kinda..

Since I spent so much time warming up (some time warming up) I jumped right to 2 plates.

225 x 5
315 x 3 (added Ace Briefs)
405 x 2 (Added Ace suit)
495 x 2
585 x 3 (straps up)
675 x 2 (Added P2 Belt)

This was not to shabby for a commercial gym session

  1. It had enough weight that I could do squats with 675 lbs
  2. It had a bar that could hold 675 lbs on it!

This was the first time I've been full gear in a couple months and my head was not use to it. I felt dizzy and decided to call it a day after that.

Tomorrow, I will be better than I was today.