I switched up my training days a bit to accommodate hiking with my family on Saturday’s.  As such I trained arms this past Sunday at Eastside Gym in Redmond at 7am.  This workout was inspired by my coach, John Meadows, with some modifications by me.  Here is the workout…




Perform plenty warm-up sets of the following exercises until ready to go 100%.  I’m only listing my working sets here.


Straight Bar Pushdowns x 12 reps with 180lbs*


Immediately followed by


Dumbbell Curls x 4 reps both arms + 4 reps alternating + 6 partials both arms with 35lbs**


*On the triceps pushdowns do not completely lock-out but hold in a semi-locked position and flex for 1 second in this contracted position on each rep.

**On the dumbbell curls keep your wrists supinated (palms up) the entire time.  Perform 4 reps with both arms at once using a 3 second descent/eccentric, then 4 reps with each arm alternating using a normal cadence and finish with 6 partials out of the stretched position with both arms at once.


Do 5 rounds of the above after warm up sets.  10 sets via 5 supersets.




Bent Over Rope Extensions x 15 reps with 100lbs*


Immediately followed by


Straight Bar Cable Curls x 8 reps + 6 partials with 130lbs**


*On the rope extensions stand facing the weight stack, but back up a ways so you can bend roughly 90 degrees at the waist.  The key is to keep your elbows perpendicular to the floor, drive the rope down and flex the triceps at the bottom.

**On the curls attach a straight bar to the lower cable pulley.  Perform full range reps with a 2 second eccentric before adding 6 partials out of the stretched position.


Do 5 rounds of the above exercises.  10 sets via 5 supersets.




Machine Preacher Curls x 6 reps + 4 partials with 100lbs*


Immediately followed by


Overhead Machine Extensions x 10 reps with 150lbs**


*For machine preacher curls perform 6 full reps with a hard flex in the contracted position before adding 4 partials out of the stretched position.

**Eastside has a machine overhead triceps extension machine that is somewhat similar to sitting in a chair and performing overhead extensions with a dumbbell.  The key here is to really stretch out the triceps now that they are fully pumped from previous exercises.  Therefore, focus on the stretch and do not completely lock out.


Do 4 rounds of the above exercises.  8 sets via 4 supersets.


That concluded this arm workout.


Train hard!