Sat, 6 Apr 19

Events @ the Unit

Stupid 800 lb deadlift kicked the corn outta my poop.  Everything felt like death this morning at training so I made a few changes on the fly.  Original plan was to do some pressing, some farmer's, and some stones.  I nixed pressing before starting because I felt like I was stuck in slow motion with a cold.  Farmer's warmups felt completely terrible and since I had limited training time due to heading up to Rehoboth to help out Cody in his first competition, I turned event day into a great big medley.

Farmer's Walk


2x60'x200 - This weight has never felt this bad ever.

Farmer's/Backward Drag/Sled Press/Sled Row Medley

sled warmups with prowler

2x{60'x200/60' x prowler+140/8x prowler+140/8x prowler+140}

3x{60'x250/60' x prowler+140/8x prowler+140/8x prowler+140}

I increased the farmer's weight after my time on the second medley was better than my time for the first one.  Then I double tapped my stopwatch the firs time through the heavier medley, got time for the second, and forgot to start my stopwatch for the 3rd.  These are the stupid things that happen when I train alone.  All runs were between 2'00" and 2'30" that I know of.  If any were sub 2' I would be surprised.  Regardless, this felt like enough that I was doing some helpful work, but not so much that it would hinder my recovery from tugging on Thursday.

After this I headed home to shower and roll up to Rehoboth Beach where I watched my young padawan crush it in his first competition, coming away with 1st place in the LW Men's Novice Division.  Welcome to the Open Division, bud!

I also had the pleasure of watching and catching up with fellow mid-Atlantic region OG strongman Damian Hollis.  Damian has been doing this stupid stuff as long as me and we have competed together many times over the years.  He didn't have quite the day he wanted in terms of setting Delaware state records, but this was still more than enough for him to finish the competition with a W in the Open Men's 231 lb weight class, qualifying him for 2019 Strongman Corp nationals.