I’m currently in limbo land for about the next week until I decide what my next steps are, after competing at the XPC Finals. I'll keep up to date with what my plans are, as soon as I know.

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Thursday I got in some lighter training as I didn't really know exactly what I wanted to do. I decided since I hadn't really done much back or shoulder work, that I would focus my attention there. I knew coming in that Saturday I would be getting back to some more serious training, so I opted to just bro-out and get a massive pump.

I'll have some more information later about my plans as I think I know my next course of action, but Saturday all I know is I'm back to training hard.

Warm Up
DB Bench Press - 50's x4x12
Micro Band Pull Aparts - 100 total reps

A1) Cambered Squat Bar Bench Press

B1) Lat Pulldown vs Chains

C1) DB Row vs Mini Band

D1) SA Mace Ball Crossbody Band Rear Delt Fly
4x15 per arm

E1) Seated DB Power Cleans
E2) Lateral Raises

F1) DeFranco Pull Aparts
3 sets of failure