Some of probably the best squats I've ever done in my life.  So, fun fact, before when I was doing my know, last month, I wasn't able to go completely into the hole due to discomfort.  I could squat, but the minute I bottomed out I could feel the pain, so I worked around it.  HOWEVER, my goodness, these squats felt so great.

I had been following some body building workouts that trained specific parts of the body on certain days, but it turns out that's just not working for me due to my schedule and ability to get to the gym.  SO, I've kind of created my own lil thing until I can get my life 100% together.

Squats 105x2x5
Bench 145x4x5
Split squats 4x10
Incline DB 25x4x12
Back Extension 4x10