The following details my last workout during my family vacation in Oahu.  We haven’t been back to the island since my youngest, now 15 years old, was in diapers.  Three thoughts - weather is awesome, beaches are amazing and traffic is awful!  Anyway, here is the back and biceps workout Christina and I did…


Hoist Lat Pulldowns


Set 1 x 14 reps with 110lbs

Set 2 x 12 reps with 120lbs

Set 3 x 10 reps with 130lbs

Set 4 x 8 reps with 140lbs


*The key here is to drive your elbows down, hold the contraction at the bottom for a split second and then slowly work through the eccentric phase (negative) for at least half of your reps on each set.  On the second half of the reps you can pump them out.


Here is a video to show the rep tempo:




Seated Pulley Rows


Set 1 x 12 reps with 160lbs

Set 2 x 10 reps with 170lbs

Set 3 x 8 reps with 180lbs

Set 4 x 6 reps with 190lbs


*I used separate D handles to allow for a little better contraction as I pulled my elbows back and spread the handles on each rep.  I was training without a weight belt so I went a little lighter and really focused on using perfect form.


Dumbbell Pullovers


Set 1 x 10 reps with 60lbs

Set 2 x 10 reps with 60lbs

Set 3 x 10 reps with 60lbs

Set 4 x 10 reps with 60lbs


*Control the eccentric and don’t bring the dumbbell up so much that you engage your pecs and lose tension on your lats.  I kept rest breaks to 30 seconds or less here.


Hammer Strength Supinated Pulldowns


Set 1 x 8 reps with 2 plates

Set 2 x 8 reps with 2 plates

Set 3 x 8 reps with 2 plates

Set 4 x 8 reps with 2 plates


*Drive your elbow down and flex your lower lat so hard it feels like it might cramp on every rep.  Perform 8 reps with one arm before switching and doing the same with the other.  Keep rest breaks to just enough time for your training partner to perform their set.


Barbell Biceps Curls


Set 1 x 26 reps (failure) with 40lbs

Set 2 x 16 reps (failure) with 40lbs

Set 3 x 12 reps (failure) with 40lbs


*The key here is to grab a light weight and take it to failure for 3 sets.


Incline Dumbbell Curls


Set 1 x 8 reps with 25lbs

Set 2 x 8 reps with 25lbs

Set 3 x 8 reps with 25lbs


*Lay on an incline utility bench with your arms perpendicular to the floor so your biceps get a good stretch at the bottom.  Rotate your palms to the pronate position at the bottom and supinate them as you bring the weight up.  Curl both arms at the same time.


That concluded this back and biceps workout.  We also hiked the Pillbox trail in Lanikai our last morning in Oahu.  A beautiful sunrise I won’t soon forget!


Train hard,