Back & Biceps

The following details my back and biceps workout from last Sunday morning at Kirkland Gold’s Gym.  I trained alone and here is the workout…


Pronate Grip Dumbbell Rows


Set 1 x 12 reps with 90lbs

Set 2 x 10 reps with 100lbs

Set 3 x 8 reps with 110lbs

Set 4 x 6 reps with 120lbs

Set 5 x 6 reps with 130lbs


*The key here is to do single arm dumbbell rows, but with a pronate grip.  I prefer these to a neutral grip because there is less twisting in the lower spine during the row and is easier on my lower back.


Here is a video from a previous workout:



Superset: Straight Arm Pulldown & Seated MAG Pulley Rows


Here is the attachment I used on the pulley rows:


Straight Arm Pulldown x 10 reps with 100lbs

Immediately followed by…

Seated MAG Medium-Neutral Grip Rows x 10 reps with 160lbs


*The key on the straight arm pulldowns is to hold the contraction for a split second at the bottom of each rep while flexing your lower lats as hard as possible.  Move straight to the pulley rows and perform reps similar to a dead-stop. Do this superset for 4 rounds.


Here is a video from the workout:



Single Arm Pulldowns


Two sets to failure with 70lbs


*I actually prefer to sit sideways on the seat pulling the weight down on the side furthest from the weight stack.  Pronate your palm at the top and supinate as you pull the weight down.


Alternate: Cable Pullovers & Kettlebell Curls


Cable Pullover x 12 reps with 100lbs

Alternated with…

Kettlebell Curls x failure with 30lbs


*The idea here is to alternate back-and-forth with relatively short rest breaks.  I did the pullovers on an exercise ball as per the video from a previous workout below.  The advantage of the kettlebell curls is it creates continuous tension by not allowing your to curl all the way to the top.  Three sets of each exercise.



That concluded this back and biceps workout.


Train hard,


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