The following is details my back and biceps workout from this past Monday at Eastside Gym.  I trained here because I wanted a change of equipment.  I worked out alongside my bride and here is what we did...

Hammer Strength Low Row


I did a single feeder set - FYI.


Hammer Strength Low Row x 8 sets of 8 reps with 2 plates/side


*Kirkland Gold’s doesn’t have this piece of equipment and I like how it hits the back in a unique way.  I prefer to do one arm at a time because I get a better contraction.  To minimize rest breaks I alternated back-and-forth from left-to-right, non-stop until I’d completed 8 sets for each side.


Lat Pulldown (straight bar)


It sounds odd, but Eastside has a lat pulldown bar which I used that is totally straight and it provides a better contraction than the bars which bend slightly at the end - FYI.  


Lat Pulldown x 6 sets of 6 reps with 160lbs


*Let the weight stretch you slightly at the top and then drive your elbows down and hold the contraction at the bottom for a split second.  I feel these best by bringing the bar to my chin.


Chest Supported Row


We used an old machine with a weight stack and performed these with an over-hand (pronated) grip - FYI.


Chest Supported Row x 6 sets of 6 reps with 180lb


*Again, Christina and I alternated back-and-forth non-stop to minimize rest breaks.  The key here is to keep your elbows high when pulling into the contracted position to hit the upper-middle back.


Dumbbell Pullovers


Dumbbell Pullover x 4 sets of 10 reps


*A more traditional 4 sets here for 10 reps, but only take 30 second rest breaks.  The key is to perform the negative (eccentric) phase slowly, getting a good stretch before pulling the dumbbell up to forehead level (not over your face) to maintain continuous tension.


Alternating: Fat Bar Curls & Multi-Grip Bar Curls


I used this kind of Fat Bar:  And I used the following Multi-Grip Bar:


Fat Bar Curls x 8 reps without added weight

Immediately followed by…

Multi-Grip Bar Curls x 8 reps without added weight

Immediately repeat...


*Alternated back-and-forth between these two exercises until you’ve done 4 sets of each (8 sets total).  Accentuate the contraction at the top on each.


That concluded this back and biceps workout.


Train hard!