A feisty vegan powerlifter with a zeal for training and a love for good food. I am prepping for my next meet in October following the Minimalist/M2 Method by Brian Schwab. Brian has been my coach for  over a year now, and the following logs are documenting my progress utilizing his training methods. 

Thank you for being a part of my journey!

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Been super MIA lately.

In my defense though, things have been really busy. Crazy busy. But really starting to look up for me! My computer has been broken for awhile now so I had been unable to do any updates from home. Along with not having any internet.

Yes, I live in a cave.

But thanks to tax season and the government keeping my money warm for me, I am getting a pretty sweet refund this year and some of that is going towards a new laptop so I can keep up to date with my life outside life.

So, yay!

My body is still getting used to the BJJ training I have been doing 2x per week, so my weight percentages have been a little bit lower. I have just been cruising for a little while and allowing myself to rest, recover, and just stay active until it gets a little closer to competition time. SI bugging me a bit but not nearly as much as it would when I was doing Judo 2x a week. All in all I actually feel pretty good.

Training from yesterday:


bar x bunch





225x3 (could feel my angry SI and glute at the bottom so I backed off right away)

185x5 (x2) (3 second pause squats)




115x6 (x3) (4 second eccentric, pause on the 5th, explode on the way up)

Abductor Machine:




Lying Leg Curls: