So, if you don't know by now my back has been a major barrier to me being able to train properly, and ultimately has kept me from doing full power and competing.  That trend will continue, but I've started a new rehab regime that I feel like is working really great just after a few days. Up until this point the main thing allowing me to squat at all was just stretching...wellllll that held me together for about a month before I totally messed everything up again with squats @ 205 5x5.


The past two weeks have been painful and some days affected my ability to focus even during my work day. A friend of mine recommended I use my tens unit - which might I add I have had for months and just neglected.



Tens unit 15 min on, 15min off, 15 min on - I do this followed with icy hot.

^ coupled with some glute stretches, hamstring stretches, a bracing protocol I learned from PT, etc.

*all stretches  are held for 30-60 seconds. These aren't elaborate, just very simple stretches, and I end with a downward dog pose.

I plan to get back into the gym either this weekend or early next week, get some blood moving around and get in an upper/back workout. I'm ready to be healthy again.