Sat, 29 Sept 18

Events @ ISCF

After 3 weeks off from overhead pressing and gradually working back up from bench to low incline to high incline, I decided to give the log a try today to see how my shoulder felt.  I stuck with only strict pressing in order to keep things more controlled and while there is still a little instability at lockout, everything felt pretty good.  Big thanks to Dave for training with me today.  Maybe we can get him to do another strongman comp after taking a hiatus of many moons to kick ass at powerlifting.

VERY Light Log C&P (clean once, obviously)






Farmer's Walk (turn @ 50')

2x100' x 110

2x100' x 160

100' x 200

100' x 250

50' x 250

This is the first time I have done farmer's in a while. It was easy, but my shoulder was feeling pretty damn fatigued after all the strict pressing I did so I opted not to go heavy today.   Farmer's is one of the 3 events for the online submissions of OSG, but with everything I've got going on with my shoulder and studying for boards and looking for jobs, this is not the year for me to try to get into that comp.

Stone Over Bar (to 51")



Stones were also easy, but I have to get some pics done on Tuesday that it would be better if I didn't have ripped up forearms in, which I fortunately realized before I did much more than just scrape myself up a little.