Sat, 23 Mar 19

Events @ The Unit

Today I trained with Cody for some of his events in his upcoming strongman debut.

Fat Gripz Log C&J (clean once)

complex x 85

complex x 135





Adding fat gripz to the log handles makes it a lot more unsteady because it changes the balance of the log and decreases the help of the hands and wrists.  This felt completely terrible except for the down set with 200.

Farmer's Walk (turn @ 50')




Kept it nice and light today since I haven't done events in a few weeks.

Atlas Stones (to 50" platform)



3x300 - Add tacky

1x330 - Piece of cake

0x370 - Repeated equipment malfunctions due to the stone being really dusty.  Even with trying to wipe it down beforehand, each time I lapped it, I lost all the tacky on my right forearm so it kept slipping back down when I tried to load it.  I need to re-black my stones so this kind of stupid stuff doesn't hinder my training.

Conditioning: Keg Carry/Backward Drag/Keg Carry Medley

4x{50'x150/50'xprowler+200/50'x150} - This took around 11 minutes with a 2 man rotation.