Sat, 9 Nov 19

Block 1, Week 1, Day 4 - Events @ The Weight Room

First off, huge thanks to Chris and Opie for accommodating my training this weekend since time was a factor due to family plans!

"Prowler" Drags

80'ea x sled + 50

80'ea x sled + 100

2x80'ea x sled + 150

All drags were forward down and backward back.  I have added these back in as a warmup on my event training days because I used to do them back when I first got into strongman when I was training with the Meat Head Dream Team and it's a solid way to get the people going.

Log C&J

complex x 85

complex x 135

complex x 175



3x275 - Aaaand boom goes the dynamite.

Log felt awesome today until I shifted to the right on my last rep with 275 and tweaked my groin a little bit.  At first I thought it was fine, but as I was belting up for my next set at 285, I felt it all of a sudden so I called a halt to log today.  This will be better in a couple days as long as I don't do anything stupid and make it worse.

Tire Flips



0x850 - This tire was very misleading.  850 should be a walk in the park, but it felt like one MILLION pounds.

1x850 - Great success!

I put my belt on and added a little bit of residual tacky off of the outside of one of my tacky bottles since I did not bring a tacky towel with me.  It went pretty well after that, but talking with the owner of The Weight Room and long time strength sports athlete and coach, Chris Lawyer, afterward, he told me that very few people are able to flip that particular tire due to the tread, the shape of the walls, the height, grip, etc.  He said he thinks I am only the 2nd or 3rd person this year to have successfully flipped it.  I can believe it.  It's definitely top 3 in the most difficult tired I have flipped.  The other 2 would be the 1,100 lb tire when I competed in Hungary and the 1,187 lb tire that I hurt my knee on at Brute Strength Gym competing in 2017.  This one was harder off the floor than the 1,100 because of the grip and height and felt a little easier than the 1,187 from the knee to get it up.

2x10x650 - I wanted to get more volume in today and not risk further groin straining so I dropped back down to something I could easily rep.

I really need to get a good flipping tire.  This made my forearms sore for the first time in years and I believe that flipping tires more often is something that would bring up my overall athleticism, which I feel has been lacking for a while.

"Prowler" Pushes

8x80'x sled + 90

After this I headed back to my Mom's house to clean up and take her out to lunch with my sister to celebrate her birthday a couple days early.