Tues, 5 Nov 19

Block 1, Week 1, Day 2 - DE DL/SQ

Tugs today were awful.  Using short bands is awesome unless you change the amount the bands are stretching because once you hit a certain point, the resistance increases astronomically.  I've done this before with light and average short bands when using fat gripz to protect the bands, which effectively starts the bands in a more stretched position.  Today I did it by looping the bands over the loading area of the bar instead of the bar itself and pulling from a 1.5" deficit.  98% of the pull was as expected, but the last 2% was like hitting an invisible wall.  On one hand this could be considered a good training tool to grind into a lockout, but on the other hand, I don't want to be grinding anything when I'm doing speed work.  So I'll try putting the bands on the bar itself next time (with a protective layer of duct tape) or switching my pulls to the floor.  And I had bands hooked to the band pegs on the bottom of my elitefts 3x3 rack with both sides of the loop hooked over the top of the bar.


BB w/ups






Deficit Band Deadlifts (1.5", short light bands)

5x50 - Add bands



8x2x245 - Had to add straps starting on the 6th set because the crazy end range tension was causing me to start losing some calluses.

2x2x245 - No bands, fell back on 1st rep and stepped off the mat I was using to create the deficit.

SS Yoke Bar Calf Raises/Band Hamstring Pulldowns/Hypers

15x155/15x light band/15x45

15x155/15x avg band/15x45

15x155/10x light band/15x45

5 sec negatives on calves and hamstrings to get the people going, but also to load the tendons slowly.