Tues, 12 Feb 19


I should not have trained today, or at least should not have actually tried to do any max effort work.  I got some news about some stuff I have going on and I was extremely upset.  I wanted to try to train to help myself feel better, but all I ended up doing was possibly injuring myself.

Log C&J (clean once)

complex x 85

complex x 135

complex x 175





Despite being in a horrible frame of mind, everything was moving well and my first rep at 285 was nice and smooth, but I let the second one get too far back and instead of bringing it back down to the front to a rack position, I ended up letting the log come down on my head.  Then I tried to strict press it back up from a crooked position and lost it behind me.  I twisted my right arm pretty good before I was able to get my hand out and it made my right shoulder and elbow sore in addition to the left side of my neck.  I checked my range of motion in all my joints and nothing was restricted and I only had a little bit of pain end ranges.  I made myself stop here before I ended up doing anything stupider.  Today was a day I should not have been allowed in the gym.