Thurs, 6 Jul 17

Block 13, Wave 1 - BP (and not DL)

Today was the first time in a week that I trained thanks to finals, mainly pharmacology.  To make matters even better, I felt like complete doo doo and noted this in many creative forms in my training notebook.  I had planned on doing both bench press and deadlifts in a combined training day since I was behind for the week, but while warming up for bench I began to rethink this approach.

Axle Bench Press








I'm pretty sure the last rep of the last set took me a good 10 seconds, which is idiotic considering I hit 5x325 pretty easily a couple weeks ago.  This was the point where I realized that tugging today would be completely asinine.


3x15xBW - Even unweighted hypers were drek today.

I stopped after this because, in my own words at the bottom of the page of my notebook, I was "eating shit sandwiches."