Bench Opener

I recently lifted in the 2019 USPA National Championships where I totaled 1769 in wraps at 198 via a 655 squat, 451 bench and 661 deadlift. I'll be lifting at an APF meet in Chicago this December to wrap up the year.

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Last bench!

1. Bench Opener - 415

Done. Good. I felt like such a fat, nasty bloated mess. Thanksgiving put 7 pounds of water on me, mostly in my fat face. Did not make this session fun at all. Most of the water is gone now though and my bodyweight is back to normal thankfully. I feel infinitely better.

2. I was supposed to do some close grip work and JM presses but decided against it. I was tired, felt crappy and just didn't want to. At this point I'm not getting stronger. But I can sure get weaker (injured). Skipped it.

3. Finished out with a super set of banded press downs and hammer curls. I did them for time, several sets. Didn't track any of it or worry about what I was doing. I did this mostly to use up some of the glycogen I shoved down my throat at Thanksgiving. I knew I needed to do some higher volume work to help the bloat come off. It worked and I was up to pee about every 90 minutes through the night.


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