• bar x 50
  • 95 x `10
  • 135 x 5
  • 225 x 3
  • 275 x 3
  • 315 x 2
  • 355 x 2 x 4 - much better than 2 weeks ago

DB Bench

  • 100 x 8 x 2

Band Press Down

  • Average Band x 15 x 2

Today and yesterday were whirlwinds. Yesterday was the day my kids found out who their teachers were and had to pick up their schedules as well as my oldest taking her driving test. I had to get help from my MIL since I couldn't be in all places. So Norah (8) is in 3rd grade and likes her teacher, Lynsey (13) appears to be indifferent and Meredith (16) passed her drivers test and is excited to be going back to school. We have begun a new chapter as parents now that we have two teenagers and one of them is driving.

Today was an end of school pool party, heading to the clinic to day payroll, to the gym, back to get girls from pool party and then out to dinner. Meredith didn't get to go because she was supposed to be home at 7 and at 7:30 she wasn't so we went to dinner without her. From day one there must be consequences for not following rules IMO, so she had an apple for dinner. I'm sure she'll be on time from here on.