Bench w/ Fat Gripz (Video) & Dumbbell Floor Press - DE Upper

Bench has been a work in progress in the past few months but I think it's finally starting to come along - Last fall I benched 400 raw pretty easily (still not anything remarkable) when I weighed 240lbs, and I think if I can get back to around that at this lower BW (215lbs) it'll put me in a good position going into my shirt for a meet cycle.  Bench has felt awkward and I began overthinking it a lot the past few months, but I'm starting to get in a better groove with my bar path. We'll see over the next few weeks what it looks like as I start to put some heavier weight on the bar. I'm trying to stay patient and remember to focus on the process and not necessarily only the result of any single training session. I think next weekend I may throw my shirt on to see where I'm at since I'll be at the EliteFTS Compound with some good training partners as well..

Today was dynamic effort upper @ Ohio University:

A1. Face Pulls - 4x15

A2. Rope Tricep Pushdowns - 4x20

B. Bench w/ Fat Gripz vs. Doubled Mini Bands - 8x3 w/ 225lbs+bands

*I like fat bar benching to put more work emphasis on the shoulders/pecs and take some pressure off my elbows, but since I don't have regular access to a fat bar I typically use Fat Gripz as an alternative. Last week I did 8 sets of triples with 195, and after bumping up this week, I'm hoping to hit around 250 for 8 sets next week before dropping the Fat Gripz and moving to another wave.

C1. Dumbbell Floor Press - 3x20 w/ 100lb dumbbells

C2. One-Arm Dumbbell Row w/ Pauses at bottom - 3x12 w/ 100lb dumbbells

D1. Neutral Grip Lat Pulldown - 3x12

D2. Rolling Dumbbell Triceps Press - 3x15

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