Literally all I'm doin these days is benching, which is fine. I've really been trying to stay away from deadlifts and squats, something I haven't done for some time. I'm hoping that the time away from them will do my back some good. I continue to stretch and use my tens unit (when I remember) I was actually just thinking today maybe in November I can try to incorporate some things in without loading my spine too much. I have still been doing belt squats occasionally and leg press, etc. those things don't bother me. I finally have 0 pain doing day to day activities and ultimately that's what is most important to me...being pain free day to day, and I don't want to compromise that. You don't realize how much of a toll a back injury can take on you until you've got one. It's so much different when something just hurts when lifting, versus hurting every minute of the day and not even being able to bend over or do simple tasks.

Anyway! I haven't been to the gym since last week due to work, so I went today, I'll go tomorrow, and then probably again on Saturday. It's rare I don't work on the weekend, so I definitely want to take advantage of that! Casey has been murdering me via bench...shocker, so here goes.

Bench 175x5x5

Wide Grip 145x3x10

Floor Press 2x20, 36 & 44 fatbells

100 dips

Face Pulls 60x5x20

i like this & I can't wait to see where my bench will be in December! 🙂