Thurs, 19 Mar 15

The only thing not present in the Unit MkIII that one might consider necessary to train is an adjustable flat/incline bench.  I don't miss it much, but sometimes I do wish I didn't have to go to the Y for my supine horizontal pressing.  Of course, I also wish I had a set of dumbbells from 5-150 for the Unit, but I don't have the room or the thousands of dollars that would cost right now.  I'll probably get a bench at some point in the not too distant future if I think there is room once I get the stone platform in and the jerk boxes out.  And of course when I do finally get the rack of my dreams from elitefts, I'll almost certainly get an awesome bench to go with it.

Fat Gripz Bench Press








SS: One Arm HS Rows/Banded DB Floor Press

10ea x 70/6x65+light band

3x{15ea x 100/8x85+light band}

15ea x 100/7x85+light band

I'm using a band with the DBs for floor pressing because the DBs at the YMCA only go up to 100s and that is too light of a weight for a mighty warrior.

SS: Incline Hammer Curls/Horizontal Band Pull Aparts

3x{10x40/20xmini band}