Tues, 24 Sept 19

Block 3, Week 2, Day 2 - DE DL/SQ

I started adding snatches and cleans back into my training on vacation last week and it definitely feels like it is making my training better, most likely due to more thorough warmups.  Today things felt the best they had yet, although being back home sleeping in my own bed and training with equipment that hasn't been constantly exposed to salt air and sand and humidity for years helped too for sure.  I'm deliberately keeping the oly work light for now to use it more for technique work and warming up since I haven't done anything heavy on snatch or C&J in a long time.


BB w/ups






Banded Deficit DL (1.5", short monster minis)




10x2x245 - No work up sets because I want to ease back into normal training to make sure my left knee is back to normal.

SS Yoke Bar Reverse Lunges/Hypers

10ea x 65/15x25

2x{10ea x 115/15x25} - First set of lunges here felt completely terrible and made me angry, thankfully second set was much bett(er).

Not a bad session overall, but I need to add a little more ab work and calves in at the end.