Saturday was another day hiking with my family.  We hiked 5.7 miles to Ebey’s Landing via Ebey’s Bluff on Whidbey Island.  Pretty awesome day!

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With tired legs Christina and I decided to train arms on Sunday afternoon at Kirkland Gold’s Gym.  This is the workout as designed by my coach John Meadows.




Perform a couple rounds of warm-ups before starting your working sets.  These are my working sets…


Barbell Curls x 8 reps with 70lbs


Immediately followed by…


Hammer Curls x 10 reps with 30lbs


*This combo seriously smoked your bis and forearms. Rest 90 seconds between supersets and do 6 rounds after your warm-ups. 12 sets via 6 supersets.


Machine Preacher Curls


Set 1 x 6 reps with 110lbs

Set 2 x 30 reps with 40lbs


*Use a 3 second eccentric (negative) on the first set of 6 reps with a relatively heavy weight.  Rest 60 seconds and then do high reps (25-35) with much lighters weight on second set.




Do a few rounds of warm-ups before starting the working sets.


V Bar Pushdown x 10 reps with 190lbs


Immediately followed by…


Bench Dips x 6 reps with bodyweight


*Flex for a second on each rep of the pushdowns and then on the bench dips lower yourself super-slow with a 3-4 second eccentric.  These will burn!  Do 5 rounds of this superset.  10 working sets via 5 supersets.



Bend Over Extensions


I attached a couple carabiner’s ( to the cable pulley, along with some Flexsolate straps.  However, this would likely work even better:


Set 1 x 15 reps with 100lbs

Set 2 x 15 reps with 110lbs

Set 3 x 15 reps with 120lbs

Set 4 x 15 reps with 130lbs


*Just like last week, lean down and let the bar come behind your head so you can stretch out your triceps.
Here is a video of one of the working sets:



That concluded this arm workout.


Train hard!