Thurs, 30 Aug 18

"Relaxing" Vacation Training

I'm currently on vacation in OBX and I brought my blast straps with me so that my girlfriend and I could get in a workout in case we didn't want to go to a gym - which we didn't.  I may train events this weekend while I'm down here, but since my 3rd gym day of the week has been hit or miss, mostly miss, since starting this training block, I didn't feel the need to try to get it back in line with my programming while resting and relaxing.  This did turn out to be a butt kicking workout though - to the point that trying to do a quad stretch afterward gave me the death shakes in the leg I was trying to stretch because my glutes/quads were so fatigued.

Blast Strap Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats/Lateral Lunges

3x{15ea x BW/15ea x BW}

No rest between exercises and only minimal rest between sets, 3 count negative on the RFE SS.

Lateral Step Downs/Blast Strap Rows/Blast Strap Ys

3x{10ea x BW/30 sec hold + 10xBW/8xBW}

No rest between exercises and little to no rest between sets, 3 count negative on the step downs.

We did this workout with the blast straps attached to the top 2x4 on the outside shower door frame under the house (and thankfully in the shade).  Despite being in the shade the whole time and having a pretty good breeze for most of the workout, my shirt was almost completely drenched by the time we finished this.  My girlfriend did some blast strap fallouts after this which I skipped since my abs are still horrendously sore from Gregg's different variation on incline reverse crunches that I did on Tuesday.  Then we went inside to the greatest invention of the 20th century, central air conditioning,  and stretched out for about 15 minutes after we finished.  This was quick and relatively easy to do, but I could definitely tell I had done some work when we were done.  I'm looking forward to seeing fellow founding member of the Meat Head Dream Team, Jeff Sweet, and his wife this weekend.  Hopefully Sweet and I will do some vacation strongman training, but if not I can always curl up and take a nap in his beard.