Sat, 19 Mar 16

Today was the first time I have ever actually trained so early that it was still dark outside.  And I do mean dark - we warmed up and trained for close to 2 hours before the sun came up.  Fortunately there are flood lights at regular intervals at the Unit MkIV.  The reason for the filthy early hour of training was that Nick was in town for a certification class and we had to hit it uber early or he would not have been able to train.  As it stood, I was pretty happy that we ended up with a four man crew so early in the AM.  So thank you to Bill and Inman for joining in the hootenanny and helping make for a great day (night?) of training.

Viper C&P (clean each rep)

complex x 85

complex x 135

complex x 175




8x200 - The last 2 reps were so slow and ugly I would hesitate to call them vipers at all.

For those not in the know, viper pressing is a style of log clean and press done in one motion from floor to lockout rather than a separate clean and press or clean and jerk.  And I am rather terrible at it, probably because I have never really emphasized learning to do it well.  I wanted to keep my weight lighter today though since I have log as my primary exercise for Monday's training (which will be moved to Tuesday due to my heinous exam schedule for next week), so viper style was my kung fu of choice.

Yoke Zercher Carry

100' x 250

100' x 340

100' x 430 - I tried a different arm position for the carry on this run with wider elbows and my hands more on the bar and immediately regretted my decision as it made this run FAR more difficult than it would otherwise have been.

100' x 500 - In the immortal words of my high school strength coach, "Not bad.  Not bad at all."

Tackyless Stone Over Bar (51")




ALL reps on ALL sets felt great.  This is the first time in a very long time I've been able to say this.  All 3 of my fellow meatheads did extremely well on stones today, showing significant improvements on technique and ability.

Yoke/Prowler Medley

100' x 250 - Yoke only and I literally ran with it.

80' x 340/50' x prowler + 140 - This yoke run was shorter to allow Nick room to pull his truck out to head to his cert class.

4x{100' x 430/50' x prowler + 140} - 2 man rotation with Inman, 100' run back between the yoke and prowler.

The reasoning for this madness was my programming-based need to do yoke and my conditioning-based need to do prowler.  Inman was not happy with me about this and tried to make me promise we would never do it again - all that means is that we will DEFINITELY do it again sometime in the not too distant future, but with more of the idiot brigade present to enjoy the pure, unadulterated awesomeness.