Wed, 16 Mar 16

Saint Patty's Day Eve Day fun in the garage.  When I was programming for this block I was back and forth between using bands or chains for the supplemental 12" tugs and finally decided on bands simply because I haven't used them for partial pulls before and a couple of very strong men have recommended them to me.  The good news is I will only have to do them 5 more times before USS nats.  Oh, and also the other good news is that I don't see how they could possibly NOT help improve my 12" deadlift.

My middle bits between my hips and shoulders were quite sore today due to the DB rows on Tuesday.  I sometimes forget how much of a stimulus those can be for the abs and obliques and when the soreness sets in it is a swift and firm reminder.  I went into this training session grumpy from studying, but ended up in a much better mood thanks to the fact that I survived.









Banded 12" Deadlift (with suit)

5x45 + short minis - Insufficient band tension.

5x45 + doubled monster minis (since one of my short monster minis is shredded) - Better, but still not enough.

5x45 + short lights - Good.  Good.

3x135 + short lights

3x225 + short lights - Added suit.

8x315 + short lights - Added belt.

6x365 + short lights

6x290 + short lights - This was supposed to be at least 12 reps.  HA!  My high threshold motor units completely shut down halfway through the 7th rep, despite the 20% reduction in weight.  I'll try downgrading the band tension along with the weight for my rep set in the next wave.

Zercher Stepups/Single Leg Calf Raises

10ea x 155/20ea x BW

2x{10ea x 175/20ea x 10}

Single Leg Back Extensions/Bus Drivers

3x{10ea x 10/15ea x 10}