Fri, 25 Mar 16

This week sucked wang, but I made it through because of the wisdom of Goodfellas - School was bad?  F you, pay me.  Oh, you missed a meal?  F you, pay me.  GPA took a hit on your pathophys exam, huh?  F you, pay me.  I was sore as crap going into training today.  I'm guessing this is because of sub-par recovery from stress, but on the other hand, maybe I just kicked butt in training this week.  Either way, training was fun and strongman Saturday promises to be solid with warm(er) temps forecast and a more humane start time of 0900 vs. last week's 0500.

Box Jumps

3xBW to 24"

2xBW to 30"

1xBW to 36"

4x3xBW to 42" - Today was a great reminder of why I do not like plain, white bread box jumps.  It becomes a test of hip mobility rather than explosiveness at a certain point, which is not why I do jumps.  I only have them one more time before switching out to a different variation or different exercise though, so I can deal with it.

Close Grip Bench








Single Arm High Cable Row

2x8ea x 70

8ea x 75

20ea x 55

Wtd Dips/DB Curls

10x45/10ea x 50

10x90/10ea x 50

8x90/10ea x 50

Triceps crapped out on me today on the dips.  Might have been due to decreased rest between super sets.

Incline Reverse Crunch