Fri, 1 Apr 16

Wtd Kneeling Jumps to Box Jumps

3xBW to 24"

3xBW to 30"

3x32 to 30"

3x32 to 36"

3x32to 36" + 2 mats

3x32 to 36" + 3 mats

I wanted to go a little higher today, but stopped myself because the point of all this jumping is to make me more powerful, not to murder myself in a pile of weight vest and plyo boxes.  Box jump failures, while hilarious, are not very helpful to getting better.

Landmine C&P





I changed this up from using a barbell in the landmine to using the log today and it has its pros and cons.  Not sure which variation I will stick with yet, but right now I'm leaning toward the barbell.  The log gives a heavier base weight and wider body to be more like a fingal finger, but it also has a slightly shorter loading area at the end which makes it much harder not to do something stupid by accident when lowering it back to the ground due to the minimal room for hand placement.

Neutral Grip Lat Pulldowns with Band (doubled mini)




I think I need more band tension.  I'll test out a tripled micro versus a doubled monster mini next time and see if one of those is better.

Wtd Dips/DB Curls

3x{10x90/10ea x 50} - Stupid left bicep was bothering me a little on the first set of curls, but it got better as I went.  I blame this on my almost total lack of soft tissue and mobility work this week due to studying.

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And then to top it all off, I completely forgot to do abs.  This whole training session just felt slightly off.  Not sure why, but probably just mentally checked out after this week.