Tues, 22 Mar 16

After studying for most of the last 4 days (except for the heinously early training of Saturday) and taking an exam a day to start the week, I was feeling a wee bit run down today at the beginning of training.  Not so much physically, but mentally I was just performing various acts of stupidity at a much higher frequency than normal.  After some technically flawed cleans which made all my log jerks feel as awkward as a blind double amputee giving out old fashioneds in a marital aid factory, things improved.  I'm pretty sure much of my funk was due to the hours of sitting I've done in the last 96 hours, so on Thursday after my third exam this week I may try to perform an extended warmup to try and de-funkify myself before I squat.

Log C&J (clean once)

complex x 85

complex x 135

complex x 175




Wtd Supinated Grip Pullups




Banded DB Floor Press/BB Curls

10x90 + mini/10x85

10x90 + mini/10x90

10x90 + monster mini/10x95

That was all she wrote for today.  That little bit of training also took almost 2 hours thanks to constant conversation between Marc and myself about what exactly we had been looking at in our neuro lab practical centered around the muscles, nerves, and blood vessels of the face and anterior neck.  The consensus is we are both proper fooked.  Two more days of studying for pathophysiology and then moving on to the exams of next week (which are still unconfirmed at this time).