Thurs, 24 Mar 16

This week I feel like I crapped myself and then jumped on a slip and slide to ride the wave of my own feces down to the bottom.  That said, it seemed like the best thing I could do yesterday was to complete 100% of my planned training rather than actually take the shortcuts that my brain kept suggesting along the way.  As such, I did not drop any work sets or skip doing abs and low back at the end, despite verbally suggesting such multiple times.  The result was that I did at least one thing this week as planned and that, at least, felt good when I was finished.









Squats felt mostly "good" today, but like I was stuck in slow motion.  Also, I definitely need to do some work on my hamstrings as I felt a lot of strain back there in a way that was definitely hurting my feelings.

12" Reverse Band DL (avg bands)







I tried to talk myself out of the 3rd heavier work set here and when I did it anyway I then tried to talk myself out of the rep set.  I think a lot of that would be alleviated by not taking a 110 lb jump from my last warmup to my first work set.  My brain was definitely not firing on all cylinders today though after three exams this week.

Zercher Stepups/Paused Single Leg Calf Raises

2x{10ea x 175/20ea x 20}

10ea x 185/20ea x 20

Inverted Crunches/Wtd Hypers


I reeeeeeeally didn't want to do these, but since we had skipped abs and low back on Tuesday in favor of studying, and I didn't have another exam tomorrow, I ended up agreeing to do it as long as Marc did it too.  One of the advantage of having a training partner with a six pack, I suppose.