Sat, 2 Apr 16

It was pretty much pouring rain all last night and this morning so Inman let us train in the Jungle.  Gregg and Ryan were competing up in Delaware and Bill went up to watch so we just had me, Marc, Inman, and Mike this morning.  I really wanted to snatch since I haven't done it in over 6 months since I refuse to do anything weightlifting related until I can get a bar where the ends actually spin instead of grind like my old power bar.  I'm pretty sure that training snatch and clean and jerk on my bar was one of the main things that caused my elbows to get all jacked up in the first place.  I'm hoping I might be able to pick up a used one sometime in the next month or so, but we will see.  While I did that, Marc did power C&J, Inman did keg C&P, and Mike did a little of both.


complex x 45



0x185 - Missed twice before getting it.  My misses were stupid forward misses from being rusty as hell at this.

1x185 - Easy once I decided to actually get under the bar to catch it.

0x205 - Same problem as before, plus my right hip and right side of my trunk felt pretty tight compared to the left which was throwing off the entire way I was moving during the lift.

1x205 - It was ugly as hell, but didn't feel heavy.  Also my thumbs had forgotten how awful hook gripping can make them feel when they are not used to it.

Chain Yoke

80' x 180

80' x 360

80' x 450

40' x 540

40' x 590

40' x 630

All the 80' runs were 40' down, drop and repick, then 40' back.  The empty chain yoke itself weighs 30-35 lbs I believe with the pipe, chains, and loading pins, so working up to ~650 for my top run today was pretty good even though I did have to stop in the middle to stabilize it before finishing up with no drops.

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2x 30' x prowler

2x 30' x prowler + 50

2x 30' x prowler + 100

2x 30' x prowler + 150

30' x prowler + 200

We did this using a prowler with the outside feet indoors on rubber flooring.  The last run was almost impossible due to the metal digging into the rubber so we called it after a single run.  Four man rotation the whole time.