Thurs, 7 Apr 16

After a 90 min math exam in exercise physiology this morning, then sitting in another 90 min of traffic coming home from school thanks to an accident on 13, I was not feeling like training today, but I have a MASSIVE neuro exam on Monday morning that has me unsure how or when I'm going to be able to train events this weekend as of now.  So I did my regularly scheduled training in full, even though I was flying Han Solo sans Chewy since Marc is skipping the rest of the week of training due to the aforementioned exam.  I was actually performing basic maintenance on my truck between exercises at the start of training, but then it started to pour down rain so I closed up the garage and finished up so I could get down to studying.

Box Jumps



2x1x36" - I repeated my last warmup set because the first one felt stupid(er) than usual.


2x2x44" - Felt like I could have gone up higher, but I did not want to hit a point of failure.

Close Grip Bench








Both short and long work sets up from last time.

Single Arm High Cable Rows

4x8ea x 75


Everything heavier and easier than last time.

Wtd Dips/DB Curls

8x100/10ea x 50

7x100/10ea x 50

7x100/10ea x 55

Triceps were completely smoked from the CGB - or maybe I just had some sand in my unmentionables.  Could be that I should have taken a 5 lb jump instead of 10 lb on dips, but curls keep getting better.  My left elbow/bicep tendon is still the only thing limiting me from getting back up to heavier weights, but it keeps improving.

Incline Reverse Crunch

3x20xBW - Most volume on this so far as these really fry my abs by the third set.