Tues, 12 Apr 16

I haven't trained since Thursday.  This was the first time in a VERY long time that I have missed event training day voluntarily.  I had a huge exam in Neuroscience on Monday morning on material that was completely new to me and significantly more complex than anything we have learned so far.  Between Friday afternoon and Monday morning I studied somewhere in the neighborhood of 35-40 hours.  Grades have yet to be posted, but I'm seriously hoping my decisions regarding studying versus training pay off.  I love neuro and I think it is fascinating and has almost limitless applications, but it is also the class in which I am doing the worst this semester.  I wanted to train yesterday (Monday) afternoon, but I was so exhausted I literally went home, ate, passed out on the couch for several hours, woke up, ate again, and then went to bed for the night (before 9PM).  Overall, training felt solid today, but I got out of my groove on bench on the 3rd rep of my last set and brought the bar down too low.  This was not directly a killer as I was able to get back the bar back into the correct path, but the energy I wasted fighting it back to that point precluded me from being able to get any more reps.

Bench Press








2x335 - Didn't feel too bad, but I screwed the pooch on the 3rd rep (see above).

DB Rows

6ea x 105

3x8ea x 135 - I nixed a 4th short set and the long set at the end because my nose decided to explode and even with a wad of paper towels up there, I was choking on my own blood during the 3rd set so I just stopped this for today.

Banded DB Floor Press/180° Supinated Grip BB Front Raise

3x{10x80 + light band/10x35} - I switched out curls for these weird raises today to work the bicep from the opposite end and also because I discovered it gives me a big stretch right where the lump of funky cold medina is in my distal bicep.

Inverted Situps


2x{10/5x5/BW} - I tried adding weight to these today and just a 5 lb plate on my chest made them a lot tougher.  Might drop back down next time and work on increasing reps with BW before adding additional weight.  Also, my nose had stopped leaking by this point or I would not have done these.