Wed, 13 Apr 16

Today was a giant bag of marital aids.  It was not without its high points though - all the time and work I put in studying for my neuro exam paid off with the highest grade I've gotten in the class so far and even though everything including the empty bar felt like complete drek on deadlifts today, I was able to do pretty not bad overall.









6x535 - Was planning to do a single and then stop here, but figured what the hell after the first one and did a few more for good measure.

Suited Banded 12" DL


2x245 + short light bands

2x335 + short light bands

I realized I had somehow managed to twang a costosternal joint slightly out of position at some point in my deadlifting and while it wasn't actually bothering me to deadlift, breathing was getting more painful when I wasn't deadlifting after each successive set so I stopped for today because that is definitely something I don't need to deal with right now this close to nationals.

Zercher Stepups

10ea x 185

2x10ea x 225

I tried to make up for my lack to tugs today by going up significantly on these.  I'm not sure if it gave me the warm fuzzies or if I was just starting to pass out.

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Single Leg Back Extensions/Single Leg Paused Calf Raises

10ea x BW/20ea x 30

10ea x 10/20ea x30

10ea x 20/20ea x 30