Sat, 16 Apr 16

I felt like complete garbage today.  And not just in training, I woke up feeling wretched.  Once again, while I wish I could just move ahead into my next training block, I feel that I need my optional deload next week.  I started off with tugging today, which I might have blamed for making everything else feel miserable, but the reality is that tugs felt awful too and I couldn't really say they made anything worse.

Suited 13" DL





3x535 - Added suit


3x650 - I was planning on a set of 5 here, but alarm bells were ringing so 3 was enough.

8x550 - Dropped down to hit a rep set to make up for my lack of production on the heavy set.

Log C&J (clean each rep)

complex x 85

complex x 135

complex x 175



2x280 - Again, my plan went to poop thanks to many types of physical indicators to stop, so I dropped down for some reps.

6x240 - So much for reps; this might be the worst this weight has ever felt in my life.

Chain Zercher Carries

50' x 230

50' x 320

50' x 410

50' x 500

Prowler Hi/Lo

6x{50' x prowler + 140 high handles/50' x prowler + 140 low handles} - Two man rotation.