Sat, 23 Apr 16

I had what I thought was a pretty good plan for training today, but it turned out that mother nature and Murphy conspired against me to ruin it.  I have had days of training every once in a while when doing C&P, especially the clean, has caused my head to feel like it is going to explode.  It is never a lasting phenomenon and usually clean and press is the only thing to bother it, and the occurrence has always seemed to be random, but it is usually a pretty big detriment.  Well today was one of those days.  I had planned to hit 2 or 3 singles at about 90% or so, which should have been very easy.  My head was not cooperating today though and Marc suggested a very reasonable solution that I had never considered before - the weather.  Specifically a very high pressure front moving in causing issues with my sinuses.  This makes perfect sense and explains pretty much everything, but it still didn't make me feel better about having to move to plan B and ditch overhead for the day due to the brain pain.

Log C&J (clean once)

complex x 85 - Felt fine.

complex x 135 - Still felt fine.

complex x 175 - Starting to feel some minor league firecrackers in my noggin on the clean, but the press was ok.

3x225 - The clean was becoming increasingly painful and beginning to affect the press.

1x265 - This hurt a lot and I was only able to finish the press because the weight was still pretty light.

0x305 - Easy, but extremely painful clean that felt like someone detonated some C4 in my skull.  In the aftermath of the explosion, my attempted press was not only lethargic, but looked like I was attempting supramaximal poundage instead of an easy 90%.  I finally took the hint and stopped after this travesty.

Zercher Carry

100' x 250

100' x 340

100' x 450

100' x 540

100' x 600 - This was a PR for zercher for this distance, and while this was my planned top run for the day and it didn't feel half bad, I was still not functioning at my usual level and I decided to call an early end to training after this.  I had planned to do some light stones and conditioning to finish up, but stopping on a positive note seemed to be the best choice for the day as stones is the other main thing that sometimes causes me problems when the atmospheric pressure is affecting my sinuses.