Wed, 4 May 16

I felt like someone beat me with a bag of butts today for no apparent reason.  The next 2 weeks of training are probably going to have to be scaled back much of the time due to studying for and taking seven final exams, which sucks with only five and a half weeks to go until US Strongman Nationals, but it could always be worse - at least the competition isn't scheduled right before, during, or after finals.









Banded 12" Deadlifts w/ Suit

3x135 + short light bands

2x225 + short light bands

1x315 + short light bands

4x345 + short light bands - I miscalculated this set because my brain forgot WTF I was doing in terms of volume and intensity today.  This should have either been heavier or more reps.

12x235 + short mini bands - Too easy.  I'll use the short monster mini bands for this next time.

Zercher Stepups/Single Leg Calf Raises

3x{10ea x 185/20ea x 35} - The discomfort in my right knee I had last week after dumping the log on my thigh on my overhead day was mostly gone today, so besides wanting to die because of the general awfulness of zercher stepups, these went well.

Core work was omitted today in favor of studying.  This sounds like it would be something I could run through quickly, but the reality is that I was feeling beaten into the ground after what was really only a mildly strenuous training day and there was nothing that I was capable of doing quickly or easily at this point.  On a more awesome note, I got my ticket to go see Civil War on Friday when it opens so that is going to be a much needed and hopefully well-deserved respite from my rising stress levels.