Sat, 30 Apr 16

0400 - Wake up

0500 - Leave to drive 2.5 hours to the Colosseum

0730 - Training for US Strongman Nationals with the tiny dancer himself, Nick O'Brien

Today went exceedingly well overall for both Nick and myself.  We were able to mostly stick to the plan for the day thanks to cooperation from the weather and both of us are making solid progress with our training, though Nick moreso than me.  The only deviation from the plan came at the end - no conditioning was performed today due largely to time.

Suited 12" DL





3x405 - Added suit





The plan was to do reps with lighter weight and then work up to a couple heavier short sets.  Everything felt better today than last time I tugged in my suit two weeks ago.

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Conan's Wheel

2 laps x bar

2 laps x 90+

2 laps x 270+

2 laps x 450+

3 laps x 600+

Even though this was my Conan's Wheel for 5 years, I still don't know what the weight in hand is with the empty implement, but I think it is a little over 100 lbs.  This puts the weight in hand for all my sets about 100 lbs over the added plate weight.  Nick won the gnarly wizard beard award on this event in addition to taking quite the stroll with well over his competition weight.

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Atlas Stone Series


3x{280 to 55", 300 to 51", 330 to 47", 360 to 43"}

All 3 runs through the series went relatively well, but I'm slow on the heavier stones so I decided not to increase the weight on this for today.  On the up side, each run felt better/faster than the previous run.  Nick hit a big PR on his first stone series today and then went on to repeat it twice more.