Sat, 7 May 16

I kept things quick and relatively easy today since I need to study all day for my exercise physiology final on Monday and the strongman low is not a brain-friendly phenomenon.  It is a nap friendly one, but sadly naps are often wasted on preschoolers.  I focused more on my foot speed today on the zerchers and it seemed to help, at least in terms of my times.

Yoke Zercher Carries

2x100' x 250

3x50' x 340

3x50' x 400

Atlas Stone Shouldering



4x280 - First time working up to this weight for shouldering in a while.  The weight wasn't bad, but this is definitely my most dusty and therefor slippery stone so I really need to re-seal it.

That was all I had planned.  It has been raining here every day for the past couple weeks and it rained on us for about 15 minutes, but the sun did come out for about an hour toward the end of training.  Sadly, I can count on one hand the hours of sunlight I've seen recently.  At least we aren't getting tornadoes and earthquakes here though.  Or snow.  Ef that es.