Fri, 20 May 16

Today was the first day I started to feel like an actual functioning human being again since finishing Spring semester finals.  Started.  I knew that finals had me stressed and feeling awful in general for a solid 2 weeks, but I honestly did not think it would take me more than a day or two to bounce back.  Stress is a emeffer.  Anyway, I actually enjoyed training today and that made me happy since I felt relatively ready for nationals a month ago, but now feel like I'm playing catch up to get back to being even halfway ready.  But like I said before, it could always be worse.  At least I DO have these 3 weeks to attempt to get back to where I was before going into the the gauntlet of finals.

Clap Pushups/Pullups


Chain Incline DB Bench (2 sets)

10x50 - No chains

5x50 - Added chains




Went up on weight on both my short and long sets today from last time as planned.  This is the first time I've been able to successfully  implement planned adjustments in over 2 weeks.

Neutral Grip Lat Pulldowns w/ Band (doubled monster mini)




Incline Reverse Flys/Scapular Depression


Incline Reverse Crunch/Single Leg Back Extensions/Paused Band ER

3x{20xBW/10ea x 10/15ea x micro}