Tues, 17 May 16

I finally finished up Spring semester today, but my stress level has been so high for so long that I don't feel good at all yet.  Today was another 0400 wake up and I took my Research Methods final at 9:00AM followed by my Analysis of Human Movement lab final on joints of the upper extremity at 1:30PM.  So even though finals are over, it's probably going to take me a couple to several days to get back to normal, but the sooner the better.  Today's training was typical for the last 2 weeks - I felt awful out of the gate and things only felt worse the longer I went.  I still did my full planned training, but I did not try to increase my weights or reps over what I had previously done.

Bench Press









All work sets felt like garbage, but they didn't really seem to get worse as I went.  I felt strong, but just like my body had zero energy and was in a very poor state of recovery after 2 straight weeks on high alert.

DB Rows

8ea x 105

4ea x 150

2x12ea x 115

DB Front Raise/Seated Band Face Pulls

3x{15x15/20x doubled mini}

Inverted Situps/Wtd Hypers/Paused Band ER

3x{15xBW/15x65/15ea x micro}