Wed, 18 May 16

The saga of sucking continues.  I did feel marginally better today than yesterday and going into training I didn't feel like I was about to perform seppuku, but I went into a nosedive pretty quickly and decided to do what was smart instead of being a stubborn ass so I bailed out instead of riding it down.  In addition to being severely over-stressed, being largely sedentary in a sitting position so much more than normal while studying for and taking my finals has got a lot of anterior structures really tight, so much so that it has got my cervical spine on the right side out of alignment and my neck is killing me.  I'm working on stretching what's tight and mobilizing things, especially my first rib, to decrease the pull being transferred to my neck and it is helping a lot, but it's going to take a few days to get this thing back under control.  Until then I'm turning my whole body to look over my shoulder when driving or shifting my focus to a target not directly in front of me.  So needless to day, today's tugs were sub-par at best.










Much like yesterday's benching, all my work sets felt like dookie in terms of my energy levels, but at least I could tell that my strength is still there as the weights didn't really feel heavy, just more of a general increasing awfulness.

12" Reverse Band DL w/ Chains (avg bands + 2 sets of chains)





In addition to my body, my brain is also not really firing on all cylinders right now and I have been having problems with forgetting how many reps I am supposed to do and what weights I am planning to use.  To make matters worse, between the two of us, Marc and I managed to setup the mats wrong for the 12" pulls so it was actually about 13" on the left and 11" on the right.  We were both legitimately starting to feel BAD at this point so we stopped here for today.  Not tired, not weak, but a feeling that made it pretty clear that we had reached a point of diminishing returns that would predicate rest over continued training for today.