Sat, 21 May 16

I was back and forth until early this morning about whether to stay in town and train indoors or travel a couple hours away to do it.  I ended up staying the course today since I still do not feel like I am back to full on training status (yesterday's training was the easiest training day I have each week and while it felt like I'm making progress, I still felt less than adequately recovered the morning after).  Plus I'll be traveling next week with the Tiny Dancer himself, Nick O'Brien, so I stayed in town and did what I hope was just enough for today.  Nothing I did today felt great, but then again I didn't have any major malfunctions either, so I call that progress.

Log C&J (clean each rep)

complex x 85

complex x 135







Tire Flips

5x5x~400 - All reps were one motion.

Overall this was less than I wanted to do, but felt better than most of my recent event training days.  With 3 weeks to go until USS nationals, my main goal at this point is just to feel a little better every day while also doing enough work to restore my comfort level (or perhaps discomfort level) with the events.