Mon, 30 May 16

Thanks to letting myself run completely out of food, I was only able to eat once today before going into training (instead of my usual 2.5-3 times) and I could definitely tell a difference in my general outlook on life.  I honestly do not understand when people tell me "I forgot to eat."  HOW?!  If your brain and body will let you forget something that is a basic necessity of continuing to exist and function in an upright and cognizant state, I would take that as a sign that there is something seriously wrong with your basic level of functionality and general ability to survive.  I did NOT forget - quite the opposite.  I was painfully aware of my decrease in food intake until I was able to rectify the situation later in the afternoon.  Chicken was in the crockpot while I was training, it just took longer to cook this time because I was cooking a larger amount.  In retrospect I should have set aside a breast or two and cooked them quick, fast, and in a hurry in the oven or on the stove while the rest slowly simmered in its own juices.  Lesson learned.

Landmine Cleans



Bench Press









DB Rows

10ea x 55

5ea x 105

6ea x 150

2x12ea x 120

DB Front Raise/Seated Band Face Pulls

3x{15x20/20x doubled mini}

Inverted Situps/Wtd Hypers

3x{15x10/15x10btn} - Holding a plate behind my head was stupid so I'll switch to a short barbell next time.