Wed, 1 Jun 16

My reign of awfulness continues!  Nothing like being a week and a half out from nationals and having multiple sucktastic training sessions back to back.  I have very little to say that is good.  Plus the weather forecast for Saturday has gone from sunny to crappy so I'll most likely be traveling to train for my last event day before the big show.  Normally I don't mind this as long as I don't have any other time-dependent plans that require me to be in town, but I would prefer not to be driving all over the place the weekend before a comp if I can help it.  Plus, classes start up again on Monday so that ought to have me running around in six different directions at once trying to learn a new schedule and routine.  All that said though, it could ALWAYS be worse so I'm going to buckle down and try to kick as much ass as possible in everything that I possibly can.









1x540 - No need to be a hero this close to nats, especially when I feel like a pile of corn dog nuggets, except instead of a hot dog chunk in the middle, it's poop.

12" DL w/ Suit



Single Leg Back Extensions/SS Yoke Bar Calf Raises

10ea x 10/20x245

2x{10ea x 15/20x245}

I finally drilled out and screwed together the 4x4 pieces I cut to make a mini elevated platform to use for calf raises so I can get a full ROM with a good stretch at the bottom and it worked exactly as expected.  Sadly, using this and being able to do double leg calf raises without being stopped short on the eccentric was probably the highlight of today's training.