Sat, 28 May 16

Nick and I headed down to Norfolk, VA today to get in some training for USS nationals which is only 2 weeks away now.  Brute Strength Gym is one of the best places in the country to train for strongman or any other strength sport including powerlifting, weightlifting, highland games, body building, and crossfit.

Both of us felt like refried butt when we got up on Saturday morning so instead of hitting the road early as initially planned, we hung out for a bit and headed south later in the morning.  We arrived around noon and had the run of the place as most of the strongmen and strongwomen who train on Saturday tend to train events earlier in the morning.

Fingal Fingers


2x3x360 - This felt like a bigger jump than it should have.

4x400 - For some reason my technique has gone to poop since last time I trained this.  I was all over the place and very inconsistent and no two reps were done the same way.

5x400 - Marginally better.


Conan's Wheel

2x 1 lap x 300

2x 1 lap x 500

2 x 1 lap x 600 - First lap was fast and easy, but the second time I fell forward right after the pick and spent the duration of the lap trying to catch up to the arm and not fall forward, making for a miserable and jerky carry.

Atlas Stone Series

2x225 to 48"

2x{1x290 to 56", 1x300 to 52", 1x335 to 48", 1x350 to 48"}

Nick kicked ass on everything today and PRed or improved across the board.  Despite feeling like I was the rear float in the stupid parade for much of the time, I still managed to have a solid training day when I went back and checked my numbers against what I had done previously.  And as always, being at Brute made everything about 500 times more gnarly.  Thanks to Stella, David, and Liz as always for continuing to adjust to the needs of the members and athletes who train there and making it a place that never ever disappoints.