Sat, 4 Jun 6

I had initially planned to travel to train today since the weather was forecast to be crap and this was the last training day before nationals next weekend.  Fortunately things cleared up at the last minute and I decided late Friday night that the weather was good enough to stay in town and train at the Unit.  Unfortunately I was the only one training today, but it worked out just fine because I was able to overcome my biggest problem with solo event training, which is not taking long enough rest breaks between sets and having my performance suffer due to lack of short term recovery.  Everything today went exactly as planned except that I was too slippery to load the 300 lb stone raw dog at the end and I didn't have any tape with me to remedy the problem.  This was a very minor hiccup overall though and while I do not feel as ready for nats as I did a month ago before spring semester finals, I feel more ready than I did 2 weeks ago immediately post-finals.  Hopefully the start of summer semester will not wreak too much havok with my deload this coming week before I fly out on Thursday.

Log C&J (clean each rep)

complex x 85

complex x 135

complex x 175


Zercher Carry

130' x 340

200' x 400

Atlas Stone Series (no tape, no tacky)

1x200, 1x240, 1x280 - All to 53"

1x240, 1x280, 0x300 - All to 53", 300 was not heavy, but I was too sweaty to pick it today without at least taped forearms.  This was due to it being the hottest training day of the year so far.  But it's supposed to be in the mid 90s next weekend at nationals, so it was good practice for that.