Sat, 11 Jun 16

It royally sucked not to be in Kentucky competing at nationals today.  I'm happy for all my training partners, teammates, friends, and everyone else I know or don't know who is out there making strongman/strongwoman history.  As this was the end of a training block, the end of a deload, and I was still salty about missing nats, I trained events that had no relation to the events I had been focusing on recently and kept both my intensity and volume relatively low.

Axle C&J (clean once)

complex x 70

complex x 120

complex x 160






I trained these deliberately using a continental clean rather than a power clean because nothing says "bring the misery" like continental cleans and also I top out on axle power cleans around 270 or so, and that's when I train it on a regular basis.

Farmer's Walk Complex




This was one I came up with a couple days ago when I was thinking about what to do this weekend.  I have never done it before and it worked like a charm - that is it made light weights suck a lot more than they usually do on farmer's.  The complex consisted of: 3 picks, 50' carry, drop, turn around, 3 picks, 50' carry, drop and finish with 3 more picks.

Carry & Drag Medley

2x{50'x185 keg/50' x prowler + 140 + keg}