Fri, 17 Jun 16

The theme for my assistance days for this block is no resisted compound movements.  I am adding back in some technique work for snatch and clean and jerk, but only with a PVC pipe until I am able to get a WL bar, since training WL with my old power bar was one of the main things that screwed up my elbows.  I am also deliberately trying to add in some movements that I have not specifically trained in a while, like the flys.

Snatch Complex


Incline Chain Flys/Horizontal Band Pullaparts

3x{15x2 sets/30x mini band}

DB Kickbacks/Blast Strap Curls

3x{15ea x 15/15xBW}

Incline Reverse Crunches/Pallof Presses

3x{20xBW/15ea x light band}